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See Li Ge exasperation under still is going to kick a dozen of blind persons, his colleague runs to come over to pull him.
"Hold his mama.This year's seeking hopeless situation person is still really many.If bumped to go to how to do?Just if not that I remind in time, you think we now is what end?Depend, really his mama's unlucky.Little Wang, hurriedly of throw him to the part to go, we must hurriedly send over there person."
Li Ge sees a person who round the view more and more, don't dare to go up again to kick a dozen of blind persons as well.Beside scolded two after, drilled into car inside.
"Feed, you are all right?"Little Wang squats down body to hand this blind person.
"I am all right."The blind person is said with the nonstandard common speech.And, also uncannily towarded little Wang to smile to smile very much.
"Be free----"Little Wang's words hadn't finished saying and surprisedly opened widely mouth.
Isn't his ability shocked?Because one is black of the gun muzzle aimed at his/her own head.
"The your ground attitude is quite good.So, I don't torment you."The blind person talks for a ground of time and resolutely buttonned up a trigger.
Little head of Wang falls down on the ground and pour dead also not understand exactly took place what matter son.While being depending to smoke in sitting chair, Li Ge suddenly sees that blind person standing.Push away a car door be about to ask little Wang to take place what circumstance, the blind person suddenly presents arms and aims at Li Ge Di's chest to start gunning.
The driver of bridge house this just responds to come over, push away the car door wants to escape of time, but drive body up the safety fastenning bring to bind.Head a painful, the person then had no consciousness.Spend four to splash on blood of the glass of car window.
Round the crowd of view this just knew to take place shooting, cry to shout to leave everywhere.The whole street is all in confusion.
The police car of front doesn't walk and follow behind of send away under guard a car can stop as well in the wayside.Is proper they while after death joining a crowd for fun, a group of persons embracing a gun are blunt to come over to them.
In the morning, push away a window, the outside is an expanse of whitely an one, show off a ground of person's eyes living painful.
A heavy snow that see seldom in recent years has started to snow since yesterday evening, would not° until is bright of time eliminate to stop till sky.A night of accumulation, and the weather is cold, fall in snow on the ground and can not turn in time, so heap very thick 1 F.
Suddenly such as a night the spring breeze come, thousand trees ten thousand tree pear the flower blossom.The whole world silver packs a vegetable to bind, on the roof, back up, treetop and the potted plant in the garden up all threw on the cloth drapery in white, still condensed 1 F thin ice on the tree branch, on seeing to go, radiant and extremely keen.
The autumn of the leaf is dressed in a small shorts to stand to do to expand before window sill the chest exercises of time, outside rang out to slightly knock on door a voice.
"Who?"The autumn of the leaf lowered the head to see the only four Cape pantses for aring dressed in of eye bodies, considered is be not hurriedly put on the clothes again.
"It is me."The doorway spreads Chen Mo Nong's voice.
The autumn of the leaf walked over to open a room door, a cold idea rushed toward noodles since then.That cold breeze invades whole body, even if leaf autumn this kind of anti- is cold ability the strongest person also could not controled feelings ground to beat one cold Zhan.
Chen Mo Nong is dressed in a black double of rows button up of long Jin coat, descending the body is the jeans in a blue, be dressed in to take fuzzy skin Xue, look the appearance of very warmth.Ye Qiu knows she is afraid cold, however the clothes that see her putting on 1 set by himself/herself without once seeing each time will have at present one bright felling.Chen Mo Nong Piao the eye shape of leaf autumn, pass a black fur-lined jacket in the hand in the past, say:"My mama says afraid you are cold, let me give° this fur-lined jacket you to wear.A few days ago just buy to my daddy of, he hasn't worn."
The autumn of the leaf smiled to once connect fur-lined jacket and tooked a look, the label of top still at.He and but wise height differ have no already, however but wise more slightly a little bit fat than him.The fur-lined jacket wears to loosen some also have no what not good.
"Or mother-in-law adult to I good."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
Chen Mo Nong's affectation didn't hear a leaf ground words for autumn.The facial expression immutably says:"Can have breakfast.I want to go to trip company today.What arrangement do you have?"
"I keep you company."The autumn of the leaf nods.Today is a big day.Is also dangerously day.

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