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14 Varieties of Red Wine Grapes You Should Know About

Red wines offer some of the richest and most flexible tastes to combine with food Cheap Divock Origi Jersey , and this is probably due to the fact that there are many varieties of red wine grapes.

Here we present to you 14 varieties that you should try if you are a red wine enthusiast:

1. Cabernet Sauvignon
This is a grape that has a thick skin and a lot of tannin. It has a blackcurrant taste and a pencil shavings kind of smell. It is best paired with red meat.

2. Merlot
This grape has more alcohol and tastes like black cherries and, in occasions, mint. I can be paired with any food.

3. Pinot Noir
This is the pickiest grape, so it gives a wide range of wine qualities. The best of its kind are impressively silky Cheap Dejan Lovren Jersey , with a smell of truffles and crumbling leaves. It is best paired with lamb, chicken and grilled salmon.

4. Nebbiolo
This grape, mostly found in Italy, is high in acidity and tannin Cheap Danny Ward Jersey , and it has to age to get truly rich.

5. Tempranillo
This is the main red grape from Spain. Its alcohol level is average and tastes of plums and strawberries.

6. Shiraz or Syrah
This grape gives a very rich and spicy wine. It has lots of tannin and tastes like blackberries. It is best paired with red meat.

7. Zinfandel
This grape, depending on its quality, will produce a light and fruity wine or a very strong and spicy one. It鈥檚 only found in California.

8. Carmenere
This is a very popular grape in Chile; it gives a rich and spicy wine.

9. Grenache or Garnacha
This grape is alcohol strong, sweet Cheap Danny Ings Jersey , and spicy.

10. Barbera
This is a low tannin and highly acid grape. It produces a wine that is refreshing and tastes of fruits. It goes well with different dishes, but particularly those with tomato sauce.

11. Gamay
This grape is very much appreciated in some parts of France. It is the low tannin kind and tastes of grapes.

12. Sangiovese
This is the main grape found in Chianti, which is an average acidity and tannin wine. Unsurprisingly, it is best paired with Italian and Mediterranean food.

13. Malbec
This is an Argentinean grape that produces a very soft wine with faint traces of spice Cheap Daniel Sturridge Jersey , plums and berries. It can be paired with any meal that is meat based.

14. Touriga Nacional
This grape is normally used to make Port, and it has a strong aroma.

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