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The Most Powerful Facebook Marketing Tool Marketing Articles | July 29 Joe Flacco Jersey , 2010
Sam Bakker reveals the most powerful tool that you can use in Facebook to help you earn money and succeed online.

Facebook has always seemed to attract media attention. Whether it concerns new privacy changes or CEO muck ups, journalists have pounced on Facebook. As it moves past the 500 million member mark though, it seems the media are not the only ones focusing on Facebook. For a long time, internet marketers have chosen to keep their distance from Facebook?s younger crowd and privacy rules. But a small number of underground marketers are quietly making an absolute mint over Facebook Von Miller Jersey , keeping their methods of success a secret. In this article I am going to discuss what I believe is the most viral tool for Facebook marketing available online today. Not only is this tool powerful by Facebook?s standards though, I believe that this tool is also the most powerful online today. Facebook fan pages have been around now for a very long time, but it was only a few months ago that I saw their potential for online marketing. I was looking through my news feed and as I did, something caught my eye. I saw that a friend of mine had joined a quite humorous Facebook fan page; curious John Elway Jersey , I clicked the page?s link. To my astonishment this page had only been running for 24 hours and had already reached over 100,000 fans. I refreshed the page a few times to get a feel for the rate of growth and gauged that over 100 new fans were joining the page each second. It was simply incredible. I returned to that Facebook fan page five days later to find that it had over one million fans. This was the time that I realized the true power of Facebook fan pages. It was also the time I decided to switch my focus to working out how these fan pages could be utilized in my online marketing campaigns. Facebook Fan Pages have a huge potential to be used as tools for online marketing. I want you to think of a Facebook member like you would the centre of a spider?s web. Each person they know is a thread connected to them, and each of those people knows dozens more people. All are interconnected to create an entire web of links and networks. There are millions of these on Facebook, and each has access to a certain amount of people. When someone updates their profile or adds a link or posts a comment Cheap Denver Broncos Hats , that shows up on the news feed of everybody else on their network. Every time a Facebook account is created, a new network is added to the Facebook world. A network?s activity can be viewed using the unique news feed which every Facebook member sees when they log into their account. It?s a simple way to tap into hundreds of users with just one profile. If you would like to find out more about how you can make money using Facebook Fan Pages you can download Sam Bakker?s new blueprint called ?Network Quake Blueprint? here. Alternatively if you would like to read more about ?Facebook Fan Pages? you can at SamBakker

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